Submit Your Media To XXL Magazine For Placement Consideration

Nothing is impossible, even getting your fancy photo and write up in the XXL Magazine.

I will advise you that I have included the email that you can send your media kit & pitch directly to XXL Magazine HR’s – THE CATCH is you will need to read and APPLY the techniques that are mentioned in my last blog post!

After you read this post, I can assure you will have a better chance of getting your music and brand published! Best of luck and stay motivated!


10 Blogs that will feature your music, and why you should want them to…

I have posted 10 indie blogs that are willing to accept & share your music ASAP!

After reading this article you will surely have a better chance of landing your next or first blog placement. With all the platforms and types of advertising, there are 100’s of ways that you can reach the masses. Blog features can simply be acquired.. but your gonna have to learn the basics before you go blowing up emails with grimey graphics and sloppy grammar.


One good way to get your next song, album or brand in front of a bigger audience (other than your 5000 so called Facebook friends) is by reaching out to publishers of a blog, initiating a relationship and ultimately get your music or brand in front of an established audience.

Now if you don’t fully understand how you can utilize platforms that have an establish audience, let me break it down for you…..

The thing a lot of artists do not understand about hip-hop blogs is that their websites get daily traffic from people that you (as the creative & intuitive entrepreneur that you are) can convert into FANS! Yes, fully supportive and die hard FANS. These platforms serve consumers looking for new artists and music, have USUALLY spent time, money and resources building a website that receives daily traffic from the type of audience that you  can and should be utilizing to your advantage.


With that being said, I have this short video that will help your pitch, and ultimately give you a better chance at getting your music published, getting heard, and getting rid of that 9-5.

 The more self sufficient you can be on your journey to being a LEGIT paid artist, the better! Stay Consistent #PositiveVibes