I caught up with Ozzy Oz Da Vyrus for a quick interview. After a few questions, I believe I retained some helpful advice from the 23 year old Graphic Designer/Artist and I hope you all do as well.

Where were you Born? Springfield Gardens Queens New York

Current location? Orlando Florida Since (2015)

How did the name come about? The only thing i could really remember about the name, was free styling with my friends and I remember dropping a bar saying I was “Sicker than a virus” and ever since then it just stuck with me.

How did you get into graphics? like I said, I have always been into art. I was drawing and doing videos before graphics, so art has always been like my first passion. I had taken a break in high school from 9th to 11th grade and was doing music. in 11th grade I realized my passion was in art, so I just jumped back into it through graphics. My dad enrolled me into a weekend program at a college that showed me how it all works so I combined my passion for drawing and involvement in the culture and started designing graphics.

Your work has a unique look, it seems that artist come to you for this look. That half cyborg look? Its always been my personal style to draw cool with dope with kinda creepy you know? Drawing like half zombie half cyborg is always been something I personally like to do, Its a style I try to get people to like because its still me and I have a unique way of doing it.

What is a word of advice with those who are trying to push a style, or build a unique brand? If you do have a unique style and you are confident in it, stand by it. Sometime your gonna do work for people and they aren’t necessarily going to like it, but do your best to stand by your work. I always let my customers know that when your coming to me, your coming for my style and its always going to be unique in my own way.

How did you land your first placement with a major or well known artist? Its been a combination of a lot of networking. Finding people who know people that know people, contacting people who are close to people I am trying to get at.

How did you land the Gucci Mane Cover Art placement? I definitely found one of his producers or managers (not sure which one) and I emailed someone who is a friend of the producer or manager, and got them to send the Artwork to Gucci. Im glad I am born in the ERA where social media sort of makes it easier to get in contact with people of interest.

How have things changed since you gained exposure from the Gucci Mane Design? A lot of people have been just letting me do me. Its kinda hard for them to trust my style in the beginning because I didn’t have any credibility. Now that people have gravitated towards my style,  they kind of come to me and give me 100% creative freedom, but it was hard getting it like that.

Any upcoming projects, or things we should know about? Im actually currently working on something for Juelz Santana who allegedly is coming out with the “I Cant Feel my Face” record. Im going to try and take my shot, If they take it they take it, if they don’t they don’t.

What is the best word of advice you could give upcoming graphic designers? Always try to be different, always try to be new. Right now Im trying to, I guess lead the industry or atleast those I work with into a new look. I like the graphics that come out, a lot of them inspire me, I just try to do what I know is best while adding my spin to it so its like the future of what cover art is going to look. Always market yourself and brand whatever makes you unique.

Where can we find you on social media?

OzzyOzDaVyrus.Com (Soon to be VyrusGraphics.Com)

Instagram @OzzyOz_Da_Vyrus
Twitter @OzzyOzDaVyrus
Facebook – Ozzy Wallace – Ozzy Oz Da Vyrus

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